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DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company that specialises in white noise sound systems in Johannesburg. We have assisted many companies in Gauteng with the installation of high quality and effective white noise sound systems.

A sound system is installed to assist with sound masking, a technique used for sound masking. If employees in your company or office are distracted by other noises such as footsteps, voices of co-workers, ringing telephones etc. then a white noise sound masking system might be ideal for your company. A trained professional sound engineer will consult with you, and assess you company’s sound masking needs. If you think you and your employees will benefit from a white noise sound masking system, contact DIOS Audio in Johannesburg today. We offer our professional services to clients across Gauteng, installing white noise sound masking systems that fits their specific needs and budget.

What is a white noise sound masking system?

Sound masking involves the covering of sound / noise by using a white noise sound masking system. Noises and sounds in the office can be quite distracting to employees, and can lower the productivity. DIOS Audio will install a system that projects an unobtrusive background sound, white noise, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce distractions caused by other noises.

Here’s why you should install a white noise system in your office or business environment:

  • Productivity: A white noise system will help your employees to be less distracted by noises such as speech and other office noises. This will help them to stay focussed on their tasks, increasing productivity in your company.
  • Privacy: A white noise system will also create a sense of privacy (very beneficial in large open plan offices), serving for more private telephone conversations, and not hearing your co-workers chatter whilst doing your work.
  • Information: If co-workers work with confidential company or client information, a white noise system will help to keep this information private.

Talk to DIOS Audio about a white noise sound system in Johannesburg to fit your office or specific application needs. We will assess you noise levels in order to provide you with a suitable sound masking solution.

Which companies / businesses require the use of a white noise system?

White noise sound masking systems can be very beneficial in the following applications:

  • Call centres: The noise level in a call centre can be quite distracting! The constant talking of a number of employees on telephones, can be quite distracting for employees in this environment.
  • Open plan offices: Sound usually travels easily in an open plan office, and noise levels can be distracting when working in close proximity with co-workers.
  • Financial institutions and firms: These companies usually work with confidential information, which is why privacy is an important aspect. If private offices is not an option, then a white noise masking system is ideal.
  • Education and Libraries: Educational establishments and libraries are learning environments for children and student. Noise levels can greatly affect a child or student’s ability to concentrate. White noise masking systems are greatly beneficial in this regard.

DIOS Audio has successfully installed white noise masking system in Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng region, helping our clients to maintain noise levels and achieve the desired level of privacy in their office.

Why trust DIOS Audio to install your white noise sound masking system

DIOS Audio specialises in white noise sound masking systems. Choose our services for your white noise masking system needs in Johannesburg for the following reasons:

  • Simple design: Our white noise systems feature a very simple design, and is also quick to install by our professional team.
  • Versatile: Our team will find the best solution and position to install you company’s white noise masking system in Johannesburg and Gauteng area.
  • Efficient: Our sound masking systems have proven to be very efficient, helping many clients in the Johannesburg / Gauteng area to lower noise distraction in their companies.
  • Cost-effective: We also provide a cost-effective solution for your white noise masking system needs, by offering our state-of-the-art systems at very affordable prices to our clients.

Contact DIOS Audio today for your white noise masking system in Johannesburg

Talk to a professional consultant at DIOS Audio today for a quote to install your white noise sound masking system in Johannesburg or other Gauteng area. We will make an appointment to assess your office noise levels, in order to provide you with the best solution. As a leading sound engineering company, we are also able to provide you with professional services regarding your sound system and office acoustic needs. Talk to a professional consultant today for more information and to make an appointment to meet with us.

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