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Sound engineering is a specialised field that entails a number of aspects for professional and effective results. A sound engineer can be defined as a professional person who designs, develops and builds / installs new audio technologies and systems, also working within the field of acoustical engineering.

DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company based in Johannesburg, offering our services to clients across the Gauteng area. If you are in need of a sound engineer to assist with your company, school or church’s audio system needs, contact DIOS Audio today. Our team of professionals will offer you the best audio system solution.

Areas and applications of sound engineering / audio systems

Sound / Audio systems are used in a number of different applications. DIOS Audio specialised in the installation of sound systems and related services for the following needs:

  • Corporate, conferences and boardrooms: For a professional and efficient boardroom or conference centre it is necessary to have an effective, high quality audio visual system. Your company’s boardroom is where communication with important role players will take place, and it is important to have modern and up to date technology and audio / sound systems to make a good impression.
  • Churches: Churches have very specific audio / sound system needs. It is important that everyone in the church can hear the preacher / pastor clearly, as well as the supporting sound, music and instruments, without it being overbearing in some locations. A sound engineer will assist to achieve satisfying sound levels in all areas of your church.
  • Schools: Schools regularly make use of sound systems in school halls, on the sports field and pavilion, as well as intercom / speaker systems to the class room. DIOS Audio has helped a number of schools to install effective audio systems to meet their specific needs.
  • Retail: Retail stores and restaurants make use of audio systems for background music as well as announcements to staff. The sound engineers at DIOS Audio will install a system that is clear and will create a more enjoyable atmosphere for your customers. We will ensure that announcements are clearly heard in all departments and areas of your store.
  • White noise systems: Many companies have a need for effective white noise systems. A sound engineering company is required to determine the noise levels and acoustics of the workplace (such as open plan offices, call centres and more), and will offer the best solution to your company. This will help to create a more private space for employees, and decrease disturbing noise levels.
  • Voice evacuation systems: A voice evacuation system is required in factories, retail stores and other work related / industrial environments. Trust DIOS Audio to install a modern voice evacuation system that meets the world’s standards
  • Acoustic consulting: Our team at DIOS Audio also offers an acoustic consulting service to help achieve a more enjoyable sound level in your workplace. We have experience in soundproofing, audio system installation, white noise system installation, the installation of absorbing panels and diffusers and more. Contact DIOS Audio today for a consultation.

The components of a sound system

There are many aspect that make up an effective audio / sound system:

  • Mixer: The mixer is where the microphones and other audio signals are plugged in and controlled. The mixer also controls the volume, tone and other sound aspects.
  • Microphone: The purpose of the microphone is to pick up sound waves and convert it into electrical energy, in order to amplify or record it. A good quality microphone is essential.
  • Speakers: The speakers will project the sound so that everyone in the venue can hear the speaker. There are many different types and sizes to fit the different application needs.
  • Monitor speaker: The monitor speakers is essential to provide sound for the speaker / artist on stage, so that they can tweak and correct output if needed.
  • Power Amplification: An amplifier is needed to send the sound signals to the speakers for projection. Your sound engineering company, DIOS Audio, will advise you on the best amplifier for your needs.
  • Signal Processing: Adding signal processing will assist to produce special effects, and will greatly improve the quality of live sound.
  • Cables: Good and proper cables are essential for an effective sound system, DIOS Audio, leading sound engineers
  • Racks – transport / storage: If you need to be able to transport your sound system, then good quality storage racks are advised, to ensure easy transportation, and less possible damage to your equipment.

Let DIOS Audio put together a sound system that meets your needs

DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company in Johannesburg, and will put together a high quality but cost effective sound system for your specific application needs. Contact DIOS Audio today for more information about our high quality sound system and components. We will install your sound system professionally and efficiently.

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