Voice Evacuation System Installations in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Emergency situations in large companies, businesses or commercial environments can cause quite some chaos and panic among the people. This is why an effective voice evacuation system needs to be in place, to provide information and create order in these crucial moments. A quality and efficient voice evacuation system will help to evacuate the building in a controlled and safe manner. It is also necessary to install a quality system form a reputable company to ensure that the system will work correctly when the time comes.

DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company in Johannesburg, that also installs high-tech voice evacuation systems for our clients in the Gauteng area. If your company or building is in need of a reliable voice evacuation system in Johannesburg or greater Gauteng region, let DIOS Audio assist. Contact DIOS Audio today to get a quote on the installation of your voice evacuation system installation.

The importance and benefits of a voice evacuation system from DIOS Audio

There are many reasons and safety benefits of installing a voice evacuation system that complies with safety regulations and standards. Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing a high standard, safety compliant voice evacuation system in Johannesburg or Gauteng by DIOS Audio:

  • Calm and controlled message: Many evacuation systems use buzzers or alarms to notify people in the building of an emergency situation. This can cause quite some panic and stress amongst individuals. A voice evacuation system will sound a message in a calm and clear manner, instructing individuals to evacuate in a specific manner. The sound of a calm voice is much less frightening than an alarm or buzzing noise. The message of the voice evacuation system is also very customisable, to provide the best emergency alerts – areas of danger can be included, instructing individuals to move in a certain direction, or away from a certain area.
  • Cost-effective: Although voice evacuation systems will cost more than traditional alarm systems, DIOS Audio will offer a service and products that are cost-effective and fit into your budget. Contact DIOS Audio today to get a quote to install your voice evacuation system in Johannesburg or Gauteng today.
  • System design: Every building is different, which is why our team will design the best voice evacuation system for your needs. We will ensure that the zoning is done correctly, and that the system communication is clear in all required areas. This includes taking noise levels into account, determining speaker locations and electricity requirements.
  • Peace of mind: As a company owner or person in charge, you will have peace of mind knowing that an effective voice evacuation system is in place in case of an emergency. The voice evacuation system will instruct the individuals in the building what to do, communicating the right message calmly and clearly.
  • Professional service: As an experienced sound engineering company in Johannesburg, you can rely on the team form DIOS Audio to provide you with a professional service and quality products that meet your expectations. When it comes to voice evacuation systems, the team at DIOS Audio knows best. We have assisted many companies in Johannesburg with quality sound / audio visual systems, PA systems, acoustic management, soundproofing as well as the installation of voice evacuation systems.

It is clear that a high standard voice evacuation system is an effective, fast and safe evacuation communication system for various types of emergencies. Contact the team at DIOS Audio today for a quote to install your voice evacuation system in Johannesburg or Gauteng. We will conduct a thorough assessment of your building needs, to provide a tailored and cost-effective quotation.

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