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If you are looking for a one-stop service provider for audio / sound systems for school halls, auditorium and even classrooms, let DIOS Audio assist. DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company in Johannesburg and Pretoria, installing sound systems for schools across the Gauteng region. School halls and auditoriums require effective audio visual / sound systems so that learners and guests are able to hear the speaker clearly, without bad acoustics or other disruptions. The team at DIOS Audio is experienced in installing these sound systems in school halls, auditoriums and class rooms, and will take your school’s specific needs and layout into account.

Contact DIOS Audio today to arrange a site visit so that we can supply you with an accurate quote to install your school’s sound systems. You can expect competitive prices and professional installation services when relying on DIOS Audio to install your school’s audio visual / sound system in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

Portable PA Systems for schools from DIOS Audio

Schools often require a portable PA system that can be used outdoors for sporting events, fundraisers and more. DIOS Audio can suggest the best portable PA system for your school’s specific needs, that will produce good quality sound at high volumes and offer your school a handy and effective sound system. Our portable sound systems are leightweight and easy to carry, and powerful enough for a crowd of around 1000 people. Talk to an experienced consultant at DIOS Audio today for more information about obtaining a portable PA system for your school.

Audio systems for school halls and auditoriums

An sound system for a school hall or auditorium requires a number of components and aspects to ensure an effective audio system that is clear and user-friendly. DIOS Audio is able to assist your school to install a complete audio system, from the microphone to the speakers, making sure that there are no bad acoustics and that the sound it projected in a clear and effective manner. Our team will take into account the size and layout of the hall and auditorium, in order to determine the best components and speaker positions. Once installed, you will have a user-friendly, quality sound system that operates hassle free.

Professional and affordable sound system installations for schools

At DIOS Audio we aim to make our services affordable for our clients, and always aim for high levels of customer satisfaction. Arrange an appointment with a sound engineer from DIOS Audio in Johannesburg / Pretoria to get a quote to install your school’s audio visual system. After an audit of the hall / auditorium’s acoustics and school activity requirements, our team will assess the required power, projection and optimal positioning of the audio devices. DIOS Audio will advise your school how to best integrate these components together, and provide complete installation of the system. Our team will also offer technical support and training on how to use the system for your benefit.

Contact the leading sound engineering company in Johannesburg / Pretoria to get the best sound system for your school at a price that fits your budget. Contact DIOS Audio today for more information.

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