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No matter how big or small your church sound system requirements, DIOS Audio will have the solution for you. DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company based in Gauteng, offering clients suitable, high quality and affordable sound / audio system solutions. If you require the services of a sound engineering company in Gauteng to supply you with the best sound systems for churches, DIOS Audio is the service provider for you.

Years of experience in the sound engineering business has enabled us to put together the ideal sound systems for churches, as well as other environments such as schools and businesses. For more information about our sound systems for churches, contact us today to arrange an appointment. Our professional team will assess your church’s sound system needs, and offer you and affordable solution. We are also able to upgrade your existing sound system to meet your requirements.

About sound systems for churches – Purpose and features

Many modern churches today require high quality sound systems for services and events. The purpose of the church sound system is to amplify the audible sound from the instruments and speaker, so that everyone in the church can hear it comfortably. Sound systems should also be installed in a way that it is not disturbing to the audience, and should be minimally visible.

DIOS Audio will install your church sound system in such a way that the quality and projection of the sound is done in a pleasing manner. We will also aim to prevent any discomfort to the audience from the sound system caused by distortion, unbalanced mixes, feedback or the sound being too loud. DIOS Audio’s professional team is experienced in setting up efficient sound systems for churches – your sound system will meet all your requirements, offering high quality sound for your audience to enjoy.

Another important aspect to take into account when installing sound systems in churches, is the placing of the speakers and mixer. The speakers should be places in such a way that the sound still comes from the stage, making it possible for members of the audience to choose their seat accordingly. The mixer should also be placed in an area where channels can be adjusted, not on stage as it is disturbing to the audience when the sound needs to be adjusted.

The components of your church sound system would include:

  • Microphone: The microphone is the first and important component of sound systems for churches. The microphone is the audio receptor, and will ultimately receive the sound that needs to be projected to the audience. There are a number of different microphones available, DIOS Audio will advise you on the best option for your church.
  • Speakers: The size, amount and position of the speakers will be determined by the size and acoustics of the church venue. DIOS Audio will assess your needs regarding speakers, and advise you on your best options for your specific setup. Trust the leading sound engineers when it comes to sound systems for churches.
  • Sound boards (mixer): The mixer is the most complex part of your church’s sound system. This is where all the components will be connected such as the microphone, speakers, instruments etc. DIOS Audio will tune each channel to ensure the best sound output.
  • Amplifier: The amplifier plays an important part in the sound system for your church, as this is wat sends and increases the signal to the speakers. DIOS Audio will provide you with a powerful high quality name brand to ensure that it meets the power requirements of the speakers.
  • Monitor speaker: The purpose of monitor speakers is to provide sound to whoever is on stage, including the musicians and speakers. The smaller the monitor, the less visible it will be on stage, the bigger the monitor, the better the sound for people on stage. In-ear monitors are also an option.
  • Cable (snake): A snake or special cable is required to extend the soundboard inputs and outputs, making it easier to place the soundboard where required.

DIOS Audio will supply you with all the equipment required when it comes to sound systems for churches in the Gauteng area, as well as professionally install all the equipment and offer you technical support if required.

Tips for operating sound systems in churches

The church’s sound system plays a vital role in the overall experience of the audience, and whoever is designated to operate it, needs to take it seriously. A good ear and good attention span is required from these individuals, as this will help them to perform their duties in church efficiently.

Sound systems in churches, just like any other stage sound systems require sound tests or rehearsal in order for the sound technician to determine the best mixer settings that project the best sound. DIOS Audio will help you to achieve the best audio system to ensure that the members of the audience have a comfortable and pleasing experience when it comes to sound projection, in all seating positions in the church.

Trust the leading sound engineers in Gauteng for a sound system for your churches

DIOS Audio is experienced in sound systems for churches, and has assisted many clients in the Gauteng area to obtain a professional and efficient sound system to fir their church’s needs.

DIOS Audio offers high quality sound systems and excellent levels of service, all at very competitive prices. Talk to the leading sound engineers when it comes to a sound system for your church to get the best solution for your audio needs.

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