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If you are in need of a professional sound engineer in Pretoria, DIOS Audio can assist. DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company, offering efficient services regarding your audio visual system and other sound engineering needs.

We have helped many clients in Pretoria and Gauteng to obtain high quality sound systems and audio visual solutions that meet their expectations and company needs. We offer a well-rounded sound engineering solution for our clients, and will tailor a solution that fits your requirements as well as your budget. Efficient audio visual systems are required in many business applications and other environments, playing an important role in the company’s success. Read more below about the list of sound engineering services in Pretoria that you can make use of by DIOS Audio.

Sound engineering services offered by DIOS Audio

DIOS Audio’s professional team will assist with the following sound engineering services you require in Pretoria or surrounding Gauteng areas:

  • Acoustic solutions: Not sure whether you have problem with acoustics in your office? Many open plan offices have terrible acoustics, making it difficult for employees to concentrate on their work, due to the high noise levels. DIO Audio is experienced in acoustic solutions for open plan offices, call centres etc. and will help to create a quieter and more private space for employees. This can greatly contribute to the performance of your employees and department.
  • Corporate audio visual systems: DIOS Audio offers a full service when it comes to corporate audio visual systems. We will advise you on a suitable system for your company, install the system while ensuring that it operates trouble-free, and also provide technical support should you require assistance. Let our team of sound engineers in Pretoria assist you to get the best audio visual system for your company boardroom or other needs.
  • Conferencing audio visual services: If you are hosting a conference, then a professional audio visual system is essential. The audio visual system plays a very important role in any conference – whether you are hosting a workshop, giving a presentation or simply arranging a company brainstorming session, the audio visual system needs to work efficiently, projecting quality sound and excellent visuals for the delegates to be able to listen and participate comfortably.
  • Sound systems for churches and schools: Schools and churches have different needs and aspects to consider than other business environments. DIOS Audio is specialised in installing sound systems for schools and churches, and will tailor an audio visual system for your school or church’s needs in Pretoria. Make use of our sound engineering services in Pretoria to get a high quality and affordable audio visual system for your school or church.
  • Retail audio systems: Have you ever noticed the background music in restaurants or the announcements in retail stores? DIOS Audio is experienced in audio systems for restaurants, stores and similar environments, providing professional audio systems and technical to our clients in these industries. Read more about the importance of background music, and the systems we install for retail.
  • White noise systems: White noise systems are becoming more popular in companies with large departments, and where noise levels are distracting. A white noise system will mask the noises in the office, making it less distracting form employees. White noise systems also help to create a more private space for employees in open plan offices. Talk to our sound engineers in Pretoria about our white noise systems and services.
  • Evacuation and paging solutions: If your company requires a voice evacuation system, DIOS Audio can assist. We install top quality and efficient networked paging and voice evacuation systems for retail stores, corporate environments and factory buildings. A reliable voice evacuation system is essential, to ensure effective  evacuation messages to employees in case of fire or other emergencies.

DIOS Audio – Professional sound engineering services in Pretoria

DIOS Audio offers professional sound engineering services in Pretoria, and will put together a top quality, cost effective audio visual system solution for your specific application needs. Contact DIOS Audio today for more information about our high quality sound systems, components and other services. We guarantee that we will exceed your expectations in terms of quality and professionalism.

Give DIOS Audio a call today to discuss your company’s sound engineering services needs, so the we can provide you with a suitable solution in no time!

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