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Do you need the assistance of sound engineering companies in Johannesburg?  A sound engineering company offers a team of sound engineers and technicians to deal with the sound systems and acoustics of a certain room or space.

Dios Audio is a professional sound engineering company based in Johannesburg, offering our services to clients across Gauteng. At DIOS Audio we offer cost effective installations and maintenance services in sound systems that fits our clients’ requirements and needs. If you need a sound engineering company that will offer you the best sound system products and acoustic solutions, contact DIOS Audio today to talk to a friendly team member.

Sound engineering – Our range of services

As a well-rounded sound engineering company in Johannesburg, we offer all the services you will require and more regarding your acoustic and sound system needs. Our comprehensive range of sound engineering services at DIOS Audio include:

  • Acoustic consulting: Our acoustic technician will consult your company and assess your sound and acoustic needs, in order to provide you with an effective sound control solution. Our team will aim to lower the unwanted noise levels experienced, ultimately controlling the sound and acoustics through effective sound systems and methods. Our sound engineering company will provide you with the best solution for open plan offices, boardrooms, sound systems and other sound / acoustics needs.
  • Churches and schools: Whether you are in need of a new sound system, or simply wish to upgrade you currents sound system, DIOS Audio offers the best solutions when it comes to sound systems for schools and churches. Years of experience in the sound engineering business has enabled us to develop and put together an efficient and cost-effective sound system for this purpose. Our sound systems developed for churches and schools will deliver exceptional quality of sound and distribution, offering you a reliable sound system.
  • White noise systems: White noise systems are becoming increasingly popular in businesses and companies, especially in large open plan environments, financial institutions, educational institutions and libraries. The noise levels in these environments can quickly become distracting, leading to lower productivity. A sound engineering company like DIOS Audio will ultimately install a white noise system to assist with the noise levels of these environments. A white noise system will mask the distracting noises of human speech, making it less clear, through unobtrusive white noise sounds.
  • Corporate and conference: In any business or corporate environment, an efficient and high quality audio-video system is a must to portray a professional image to your clients. DIOS Audio is specialised in supplying and installing audio-visual systems that will exceed your expectations. We will tailor a sound and audio system that fits your company’s needs, as well as your budget. Our corporate and conference audio services include sound systems that are suitable for conferences, efficient microphones, automated audio-video conferencing systems, voting systems, video screens and projectors and more. Talk to the leading sound engineering company in Johannesburg to assist with your corporate and conferencing needs.
  • Paging and voice evacuation: A voice evacuation system is installed into buildings (such as retail stores and factories) as a protective measure and notification system – the system will sound a voice alarm for evacuation signalling. Systems supplied by DIOS Audio, leading sound engineering company in Johannesburg, meet the exceptional international standards (EN 54-16 certification). This means that you will obtain a voice evacuation system that is both user-friendly and very efficient. Talk to our team at DIOS Audio for the best voice evacuation system in Johannesburg.
  • Retail: It is a scientific fact that background music affects the behaviour of customers and clients in s retail store, restaurant etc. DIOS Audio is specialised in sound systems for retail purposes, and will install and effective background sound system for your store or restaurant needs. Contact the leading choice of sound engineering companies in Johannesburg for a cost-effective quote to install your sound system.

Why use a sound engineering company for your audio system needs

There are many benefits of making use of a professional sound engineering company in Johannesburg for your audio-visual system needs. Use DIOS Audio to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Technical knowledge and experience: The use of a sound engineering company will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience offered by our team of sound technicians. There is always an option to complete certain services yourself, but when it comes to your company’s sound system needs, it is strongly advised to use a professional sound engineering company for the best results. Our team is experienced in offering the best solutions, with extensive knowledge in this field.
  • Warranty: Giving our clients peace of mind that they have chosen a reputable sound engineering company in Johannesburg’s, we include a five year warranty on our sound systems supplied and installed by DIOS Audio’s professional team.
  • Needs assessment: Our team will assess your sound system needs, in order to provide you with a suitable solution for the best results. Rely on our team to install a sound system that will exceed your expectations!
  • Cost-effective solutions: You will receive our high quality sound systems and other products at a very cost-effective price. Talk to DIOS Audio about your available budget, and what we can offer you.

What is sound engineering?

Sound engineering involves a number of different sound and technical aspects, required in many different industries and environments.  Malls, restaurants, shops, offices, conference venues, function venues all require the services of a professional sound engineer, and for different reasons. A sound engineer can help you to install an effective audio visual system un your boardroom, make the acoustics of an open plan office more pleasant, or assist with an effective system for background music in restaurants. Find out exactly what sound engineering is, and the services a sound engineering company they provide. if you are looking for a professional sound engineer in Johannesburg, let DIOS Audio assist.

Acoustics in the Office – Problems and Solutions – DIOS Audio

Have you ever thought about how bad acoustics in the office can affect your business productivity and employee performance? Bad acoustics in the office can distract even the most focussed employees, and it can take up to 20 minutes for an employee to regain his / her concentration on the task they were busy with. Open plan offices are very common in many industries and business environment, and usually don’t give employees a lot of personal space. Bright lights, small workspaces and loads of technology area common sight in many working environments today. Maybe it’s time that you stopped to notice what the affect of your office’s acoustic has on the employees and productivity. Luckily, as a business owner, you can rely on the help of a professional sound engineering company in Johannesburg / Gauteng to lower the noise levels, and create a more private and comfortable space for your employees to work in. DIOS Audio is a leading choice of sound engineering companies in Johannesburg who has assisted many corporate clients to achieve more satisfying acoustics in their companies.

How can a white noise system increase productivity in your company?

Have you ever considered the acoustics of your office, and thought about what impact it can have on the productivity of your employees? A qualified sound engineer will be able to assess the acoustics of the room, and will advise you on what can be done to create a more enjoyable and private space for employees. Telephones, voices and footsteps can be quite distracting for employees, lowering their productivity noticeably. It can take up to 20 minutes for an employee to regain focus on the task he / she was busy with, before being distracted by noise. Sound privacy is also another aspect to consider. Read more about how a white noise system can increase productivity in your company. DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company in Johannesburg, servicing clients throughout Gauteng with their audio visual and office acoustic needs.

Background music – Make music work for your business

Background music plays an important role in many businesses and environments. Background music can help to create a relaxed atmosphere (such as in spas and restaurants) or a more energised atmosphere (like in gyms or the fast food industry). Most of the time customers or clients won’t even notice the background music, but, they do however take note subconsciously. Read more about why background music is so important for your business, and how you can use background music to your advantage. DIOS Audio is a leading choice of sound engineering companies in Johannesburg, helping companies to install professional and effective audio systems for their specific needs. If you need assistance with background music, talk to a consultant at DIOS Audio today for more information and a quote.

AV Systems for your needs – Audio Visual Systems Supply & Installation Company

DIOS Audio is a leading supplier and service provider when it comes to AV systems in Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng area. Whether you require an AV system for your company, event or other needs, DIOS Audio can assist. DIOS Audio has established itself as a trusted company in the sound / audio visual industry, and has helped many clients to install top quality AV systems that meet their requirements. Read more about AV systems, functions, components and installation for your needs. Talk to a consultant at DIOS Audio today for more information about our AV systems in Johannesburg, and to get a quote on the system you desire.

Audio System Installations in Gauteng

Let DIOS Audio take care of your audio system installation needs in Gauteng. Whatever your needs and requirements, DIOS Audio will provide you with the best solution, that comprises of high quality equipment, professional installation services, and competitive prices. As a leading audio system installation company in Gauteng, you can expect top quality equipment and components from reputable manufacturers in the audio visual technology industry. Trust the sound engineers at DIOS Audio today for a quote to install the audio system you desire.

Voice evacuation system installations in Johannesburg, Gauteng

A voice evacuation system is essential in larger business environments, which is an effective safety measure. As a business owner or manager, you should ensure that there is an effective evacuation system in place in case of emergencies. A voice evacuation system is greatly beneficial, as it will instruct individuals what to do an a clear and calm manner. Let DIOS Audio install a voice evacuation system that will meet your company requirements as well as that industry safety standards. Contact DIOS Audio today for a quote – leading choice of audio visual / sound engineering companies in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Gauteng.

Sound systems for schools, school halls, auditoriums and class rooms

A school requires an effective sound system for various applications. Whether you need to upgrade your school hall’s sound system, or obtain an effective portable PA system for your school and sporting events, DIOS Audio can assist. DIOS Audio will assess your school’s audio system needs, and advise you on the best devices and components that will give the desired performance. Let DIOS Audio visit your school today so that you can get a quote to install an efficient and affordable sound system for schools. Contact DIOS Audio today for more information about school sound system installations in Johannesburg / Pretoria – our trusted sound engineering company is used by many schools across Gauteng.

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