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An important factor to consider for any boardroom or meeting space, is the correct installation of an audio visual system DIOS Audio is experienced in audio visual systems for boardrooms and conference venues, installing audio visual systems in Johannesburg, Pretoria and the rest of Gauteng.

If you are in need of a high quality and effective boardroom audio visual system, get the leading sound engineers in Johannesburg to assist. DIOS Audio will assess your boardroom / meeting room needs, in order to provide you with a tailored solution for the best results. Get a competitive quote today to install your boardroom audio visual system through an experienced company.

What does an effective boardroom audio visual system entail?

The boardroom is an important space in your company – this is where essential meetings with clients and board members will take place, which is why it is so important to install an effective audio visual system.

A top audio visual system in your boardroom will allow for professional presentations, quality conference meetings, and efficient data sources. These aspects aid in seamless communication and strategizing, ensuring all the required platforms are working successfully.

What should be included in an effective boardroom audio visual system? DIOS Audio will provide you with a boardroom audio visual system solution in Johannesburg that includes the following:

  • Digitized conference sound systems
  • Professional microphones for multiple applications
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Voting systems
  • Video screens and projectors
  • Automation of the audio video system
  • Digital storage and retrieval on a personal computer (exclusively for recording meeting agendas, discussions and minutes).

Why Choose DIOS Audio as your company’s audio visual service provider

  • DIOS Audio has gained extensive experience in prestigious client projects, giving our clients confidence in our products and services. This provides us with the ability to provide and install different solutions for different business needs.
  •  We will aim to cause as little discomfort the business and employees during the installation of your audio visual system in your boardroom.
  • Our extensive experience allows us to provide clients with a full scale and integrated solution to fit the company boardroom requirements. Whether you are simply in need of a new component within your system, or require the complete installation of a new boardroom audio visual system, DIOS Audio can assist.
  • We are able to install a system that works with your existing system, ensuring seamless integration.
  •  Only high quality components are used in our audio visual systems for your boardroom / meeting room, to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the sound, quality and effectivity of their new system.

What makes and effective audio visual system for your boardroom?

The goal of the audio visual system should be to produce high quality sound to facilitate effective communication. The following tips will help you to achieve an effective audio visual system for your boardroom / conference room needs:

  • Boardroom design and layout: The design of the boardroom / conference room will greatly affect the acoustics of the room, and ultimately the intelligibility of speech and other audio devices. Larger boardrooms will requires effective audio systems to ensure speech clarity.
  • Make provision for wireless or portable devices: This aspect will facilitate better communication and assist with presentations of guest delegates who require the use of their laptops, tablets etc. These tools are essential for optimal communication.
  • Cables and connections: The correct and sufficient cables should be in place to connect to various sources and devices. Cables should be in working order, and concealed for safety reasons. Tagging the cables will also make it easier to manage.
  • Room lighting: The lighting of the room is often overlooked, and plays a big role in the effectivity of the boardroom’s audio visual system. Dimmed light settings should be available to ensure clear visuals on screens and projectors.

If you need assistance with the design and other elements of your boardroom to ensure that you get the best out of your audio visual system, DIOS Audio will assist. Our team of sound engineers will advise you on all the technical aspects you need to consider for the best audio and visual results.

Contact DIOS Audio today to install your boardroom audio visual system in Johannesburg

DIOS Audio is experienced in the installation of high quality and efficient audio visual systems for boardrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms. We have assisted many clients in Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng region to obtain top quality sound systems that meet their company needs.

When making use of DIOS Audio for your boardroom’s sound system, you can rest assured that you will receive durable, top quality components at competitive prices. Trust the professionals to make your boardroom a modern high tech environment, to stay up to date with the latest technology.

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