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If you are looking for a supplier of AV Systems in Johannesburg, contact the leading Audio Visual Company to assist. DIOS Audio is a trusted name in the audio visual service industry, who has helped many companies and individuals to obtain top quality AV systems that meet their needs. You can expect high quality audio visual components when trusting DIOS Audio to install your AV system in Johannesburg, that will meet or exceed your expectations.

An AV system plays an important role in the workplace, which is why is is essential that you install a high quality, efficient AV System. Contact DIOS Audio, leading Audio Visual Company in Johannesburg, for more information or a quote to install your AV system professionally. Read more below about AV systems and why you should trust DIOS Audio as your audio visual company.

About AV Systems – Components, Features and Installation

An AV system performs a number of different functions, especially in a corporate or business environment. AV system technology is also constantly changing, which is why is is important to keep your audio visual system updated to ensure that it meets the industry standards. This will ensure that you have an effective system that is able to perform the different functions you require for your business. The different functions of an effective AV system include:

  • Video calling / conferencing
  • Web streaming
  • Live broadcasting
  • Projection capabilities
  • Efficient sound system

What components do you need for your AV system?

Audio visual systems are used in a number of different environments such as company boardrooms, conferences, churches, schools, restaurants and events / concerts to name a few. Depending on your application and needs, you will require certain components in your AV system to ensure that it performs the functions you require. A typical AV system would include the following components:

  • Projector screen: You will require a manual or motorised projector screen, to display projected images, videos and other documents.
  • Projector: A projector is required to project the image onto the screen, which will be connected to your computer, laptop or other device.
  • Video conferencing system: A video conferencing system is required for meetings with people in other locations, which requires a mic and camera.
  • Mixer: The mixer is where the microphones and other audio signals are plugged in and controlled. The mixer also controls the volume, tone and other sound aspects.
  • Microphone: Should you need to amplify or record sound or speech, a microphone is required. Make sure you choose a high quality microphone for quality sound projecting and recording capabilities.
  • Speakers: The speakers are required project the sound from videos, voices or conference calls. Your specific needs will determine the size and strength of speakers you require.
  • Power Amplification: An amplifier is required to send the sound signals to the speakers for projection.
  • Signal Processing: Adding signal processing will assist to produce special effects, and will greatly improve the quality of live sound.
  • Cables: Sufficient high quality cables are essential for an effective sound system. Your AV system company in Johannesburg will advise you on the best cables for this purpose.

DIOS Audio is a leading AV system installations company in Johannesburg – contact us today for a quote and more information to install the audio visual system you require.

Let DIOS Audio install your AV system in Johannesburg according to your needs

DIOS Audio is a leading audio visual / sound engineering company in Johannesburg, and will supply you / your company with a high quality AV system for your specific application needs, and a price that fits your budget. Contact DIOS Audio today for more information about our efficient audio visual system and components. We will install your AV system in Johannesburg professionally and efficiently.

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