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If you are looking for someone to install your audio system in Pretoria, who can also offer you professional advice and technical support, trust DIOS Audio to assist. DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company in Pretoria, assisting many clients in the Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounding Gauteng area with their audio visual system needs. Let the team at DIOS Audio assist you to obtain the best audio system for your specific application needs.

Contact DIOS Audio today to get a quote and advice on the audio system you desire, and let our team install your audio system in Pretoria professionally and at a cost-effective price.

Audio systems for every need – Let DIOS Audio assist

DIOS Audio is able to provide audio visual solutions for a number of different applications and environments. Whether you are looking to install a sound system in a school, church, restaurant or boardroom, our team is able to assist. We will advise you on all the components you will need for an effective audio system for your needs. Our range of audio solutions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Music / sound systems: Regardless of your music needs DIOS Audio can assist. We will assess your environment in order to provide you with the best sound system for your requirements.
  • Boardroom audio visual systems: Many companies require the use of a boardroom audio visual system for meetings, conferences and communication purposes. DIOS Audio will provide you with a suitable boardroom audio visual system in Pretoria that includes all the features you require. In order to portray a professional image, a reliable and high quality boardroom audio visual system is essential. Let DIOS Audio provide your company with an effective audio visual system.
  • Sound systems for schools and churches: Schools and churches require specialised sound systems, that are designed to meet the needs of these larger environments. Sound needs to be effectively projected so that it can be heard clearly throughout the school hall or church. DIOS Audio can also supply your school with a mobile sound system, ideal for sporting events.
  • Sound masking systems: A sound masking system is used in larger companies and call centres to mask out unwanted sounds and noise that can distract employees. Sound masking systems have helped many companies to increase productivity by creating a more private and enjoyable atmosphere for employees. Read more about sound masking systems and how DIOS Audio can help.
  • Voice evacuation systems: Many industries require the installation of an effective voice evacuation system, Let DIOS Audio assist by assessing your environment and installing an effective voice evacuation system that meets the industry standards.
  • Background music: Background music plays an important role in many businesses such as restaurants, spas, shops etc. It helps to create the desired atmosphere that fits the needs of the business. Let DIOS Audio assist with your audio installations in Pretoria when it comes to your background music needs.

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Trust DIOS Audio to supply you with high quality and reliable audio systems and components that will meet your expectations. Installing an audio system is a long term investment, which is why quality is such an important aspect. DIOS Audio will supply your audio system at a very competitive price – get a quote today for your audio system installation in Pretoria.

Trust DIOS Audio to make use of our quality sound systems, professional service and affordable prices – leading sound engineering company in Gauteng.

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