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If you are in need of a professional company that will take care of your personal or company audio installations in Gauteng, let DIOS Audio assist. DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company in Johannesburg and Pretoria, assisting clients across Gauteng with their audio visual system needs. DIOS Audio will offer you with professional advice on the best audio system for your specific application, and will provide you with top quality audio components and excellent installation services. Years of experience in the audio visual technology enables our team to provide expert advice when it come to their sound system needs.

Consult with a sound engineer at DIOS Audio today regarding your audio system installation in Gauteng, to get the best advice and products for satisfying results.

Audio Systems Installed by DIOS Audio

DIOS Audio provides superior Audio System Installations in Gauteng for companies, conference venues, boardrooms, schools, churches, restaurants and basically any other venue that requires an effective sound system. Our highly qualified team of audio visual system installers will provide you with a reliable and high-end level of workmanship and service. Our vast experience and knowledge about the Audio Visual equipement enables us to advise you on the best audio visual solution, comprising of suitable equipment and components that will meet or exceed your expectations. DIOS Audiois able to assist with the following audio system installation services in Gauteng:

  • Music systems: Let the team at DIOS Audio advise you on the best music system for your specific needs. Whether you are opening a new club, r simply looking for a decent sound system that will meet your requirements, DIOS Audio is the audio installations company for you.
  • Boardroom audio visual systems: DIOS Audio specialises in boardroom audio visual system installations, and will provide your company with an effective, professional and reliable system that meets your company needs. Design your own system according to your company requirements and include features such as projection screens, video conferencing and more.
  • Sound systems for schools and churches: Schools and churches require effective sound systems that offer crisp and clear sound that can be heard comfortable throughout the church or school hall. Let DIOS Audio assess your school or church’s needs, to provide you with the best, cost-effective solution.
  • Sound masking systems: Many companies require the use of effective sound masking systems. A sound masking system uses white noise to mask out noises and echoes in an open plan or industrial environment, creating a more private space for employees, and increasing employee productivity.
  • Voice evacuation systems: Voice evacuation systems are compulsory in many industries and businesses. Let DIOS Audio install a top quality EVAC system that meets your company requirements and needs.
  • Background music: Background music is essential to create the perfect atmosphere in your restaurant, shop or bar. Get the best audio system installed in Gauteng for your business needs, to ensure that you have a reliable audio system that will supply you with effective background music.

Let DIOS Audio handle your audio system installations in Gauteng

DIOS Audio is a leading audio visual / sound engineering company in Gauteng, offering a reliable and professional service for our clients in need of audio systems. You can trust DIOS Audio to provide you with a cost-effective audio system installation service in Gauteng, that fits into your budget.

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