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You’ve probably never given the acoustics of a room second thoughts. Unless you’ve experienced some bad acoustics in places like restaurants where you can barely hear yourself think, or open plan offices where no conversation is private. Unfortunately, these bad acoustics are not only horrible to experience, but can have a negative impact on your business and overall employee productivity. The first step to overcome the negative impact f acoustics, is to recognise that there’s a problem. A good place to start would be to talk to your office team and employees, to find out how they are experiencing the office environment, and if they are being distracted by any form of noise.

Once you have established that there is a problem, seek the help of a professional sound engineer to assist with the solution. DIOS Audio is a leading sound engineering company based in Johannesburg, that has helped clients across Gauteng to achieve the desired acoustics in their workplace or other environments.  DIOS Audio specialises in office acoustics, as well as boardroom audio visual systems. Talk to the professional sound engineers in Johannesburg today to assist with your company’s needs.

How to fix bad acoustics with the help of a professional sound engineering

There are two main methods of lowering the levels of distractive sounds, and your trusted sound engineer, DIOS Audio, will provide you with a suitable plan that has been tailored to your office needs. Fixing bad acoustics usually include absorbing materials and sound masking, depending on your environment’s needs. .

  • Sound absorbing materials: Sound absorbing panels and materials are used to absorb the noise instead of it being projected throughout the room when bouncing off the walls, ceilings and floors. This is especially a problem where there are big, hard surfaces, lots of talking and ringing telephones. DIOS Audio will formulate a plan to include the best acoustic panels that will fit your offices needs.
  • Sound masking: Sound masking involves the creation of an ambient background sound that will help to facilitate concentration, usually by means of a white noise system that has been designed for this purpose. A white noise system will cover the noise by means of non-distracting background sound.

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Don’t lose productivity over bad acoustics in the office. Let DIOS Audio, the trusted acoustic consultant and sound engineers in Johannesburg provide you with a suitable and cost effective solution. We have assisted many businesses to lower the noise levels and ultimately, increase production in their companies.

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