Acoustic Solutions

  • DIOS Audio caters for the small to medium size business that is looking for a guaranteed solution in treating noise levels in open plan offices.
    If the noise level of your office is too high that causes disturbances and distractions, we can help you get the best solution with our White Noise system that masks the noise level.
  • Soundproof Boardrooms is a high priority for most companies. We will design the best possible solution to ensure what’s being said in the Boardroom stays in the Boardroom.
  • Acoustic treatment with absorbing panels, diffusers and bass traps will help transform your sound studio into a clear and tight sounding environment, helping to make your creative process a pleasant experience. Ask us for your customised solution.
  • Noise calculations for commercial and industrial airflow and HVAC systems are done by DIOS Audio to ensure that the noise level stays within the required Health and Safety regulations.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • “I recently purchased a full PA system for our Church, including the Amplifier, Speakers, Wireless Microphones and a Wireless Lapel Microphone. Besides the excellent service I enjoyed from Dios Audio, the quality and price of the system is unrivalled. I receive continuous “Thank You’s” from members, and am proud to have been able to deal with Dios Audio. Thank you so very much. I will not think twice to deal with Dios again in the future.”

    Tristan Brammer
  • “The service was prompt and professional, rendered with smile. Very satisfied. Thank you very much!"

    Mrs Yamamoto
  • "DIOS audio installed acoustical panels for sound proofing in my music studio. The panels are very effective and they were professionally manufactured, even enhancing the interior of the studio. The service was prompt and professional."

    Celesté Küsel
    Celesté Küsel Music Studio
  • “Dios Audio have always provided us with the right audio solutions for our coffee houses. They always ensure they fully understand the requirements of our spaces, and provide the right system for our needs. With their excellent service, expertise, carftsmenship and attention to detail, they’re both a pleasure to work with and offer great value.”

    Sebastian Schneider
    Motherland Coffee Company

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