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Are you in need of the assistance of a reputable acoustic consultant in Johannesburg or greater Gauteng region? DIOS Audio is a trusted sound engineer and acoustic consultant based in Johannesburg, offering professional and efficient sound engineering and acoustic consulting services to clients.

The acoustics of a hall, venue or work environment is affected by a number of different aspects. DIOS Audio will do a comprehensive assessment of the acoustics in your venue be it a church, school hall, function venue or office, in order to determine the way forward. Contact DIOS Audio today to discuss your needs for an acoustic consultant in Johannesburg, Gauteng, and a professional consultant will offer a suitable solution.

Acoustic consultant services – DIOS Audio in Johannesburg, Gauteng

The acoustics of a room or venue contribute to pleasant and more productive environments in for example in schools, working environments, conference venues, restaurants and more. Acoustics involves many different factors, and different environments / venues have different needs when it comes to sound and acoustics – this is why it is important to use the services of a professional acoustic consultant. DIOS Audio, acoustic consultant in Johannesburg, Gauteng, has assisted many clients to achieve quality sound systems and efficient acoustics. We are able to assist with the following sound engineering and acoustic consulting services:

  • Office acoustic services: DIOS Audio assists small and medium companies to achieve a pleasant office acoustic, to ensure that employees are not distracted by noise, echoes, loud footsteps and more. We will assess your office acoustic needs in order to provide your company with a suitable solution.
  • White noise systems: DIOS Audio is also experienced in installing white noise systems, a system installed for the purpose of masking other noises, creating a pleasant and comfortable working environment. White noise systems are widely used in open plan offices, as it diffuses distractions such as human speech and other noises. This also help create a more private space for employees working in an open plan office.
  • Noise assessment: The room’s noise levels will be assessed by our acoustic consultant in order to ensure that it adheres to Health and Safety Regulation. This includes assessment of the HVAC System (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) of a company, to ensure that it doesn’t exceed the maximum noise levels.
  • Boardroom soundproofing: Many companies require soundproof boardrooms for important meetings and discussions. This will ensure that meeting participants are not disturbed by noises from outside the boardroom, and that important information is not overheard by individuals outside the boardroom.
  • Acoustic solutions and design: We will provide a suitable design solution to our office’s acoustic needs. This includes adding items like absorbing panels, diffusers and bass traps, to assist with the flow of sound and acoustics. As each office and layout is unique, we will offer a tailored solution to your acoustic needs
  • Cost-effective price: We aim to make our acoustic solution cost-effective, to ensure that it fits well into our clients’ budgets. Contact the leading acoustic consultant in Johannesburg, Gauteng for a quote to improve the acoustics of your office, school, or other venue.

Who requires the services of an acoustic consultant / sound engineer like DIOS Audio?

DIOS Audio specialises in a number of different services when it comes to acoustics, sound systems and more. Not sure if you require the services of an acoustic consultant / sound engineer? We are able to assist with the following situations:

  • If you are experiencing extremely loud noises in an industrial or commercial situation, we are able to determine whether the noise level exceeds the Health and Safety regulations.
  • Whether you need an efficient sound system in the school hall, or need to improve the acoustics of a classroom or the music room, DIOS Audio will assist.
  • If you own a function venue used for weddings and other large functions, and would like to improve the acoustics of the hall, install professional sound systems, or need to lower the noise levels heard by the surrounding community residents, DIOS Audio will assist.
  • If you need a white noise systems installed, or a current white noise system fixed for better performance, our acoustic consultants in Johannesburg, Gauteng can assist.
  • If members of your church are complaining about the sound projection and acoustics of the church, DIOS Audio can assist. We are experienced in installing sound systems in churches, and will improve the acoustics of the building to ensure a pleasing experience for church members.

Why trust DIOS Audio as your acoustic consultant

There are many reasons why you should get a professional acoustics consultant to assist with the acoustics of your building. Trust DIOS Audio for the following reasons:

  • Professional and experienced: DIOS Audio will provide you with an acoustic consultant that is professional and experienced in acoustics and sound engineering. This will ensure that you get the service you expect from your acoustic consultant in Johannesburg. Contact DIOS Audio, the professional choice of sound engineers, today.
  • Quality systems: We offer high quality and well-known name brands when installing sound systems and other products for our clients. Good quality sound products will help to achieve pleasing sound levels, and will also last for a long period of time if well taken care of.
  • Affordable service: We aim to offer our acoustic consulting service at a cost-effective price to our clients. This ensures that you get professional service and products at a competitive price

Trust the leading acoustic consultant in Johannesburg, Gauteng for your room / office / hall or venue’s acoustic needs.

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